Toddler Bunk Beds

Toddler Bunk Beds: Your Questions Answered

If you’re looking for a bed for your toddler, and have another child to consider but want to save space, then toddler beds might be just the solution for your needs.
Flexa are experts in children’s furniture and can answer your questions about toddler bunk beds.

Are they safe?

Toddler bunks are designed specifically for younger children to be safe for your child. They have safety rails which meet stringent standards to ensure that your toddler won’t roll out while sleeping. If you’d prefer that your child doesn’t have the ability to poke their hands and feet through the bars, choose one of Flexa’s toddler bunk beds from the Flexa White range, which features solid barriers in pretty pastel colours.

If you think your child doesn’t have the dexterity or coordination to handle a ladder, place them in the bottom bunk and put the older child on top; this is generally the safest arrangement for younger toddlers.

Your choice of ladder is also significant – Flexa offer a toddler bunk bed with slanting ladder that makes the process of ascending and descending easier.

Are they fun?

Toddler bunk beds are great fun for kids of any age. Add some play curtains in a funky and imagination-inspiring theme to the bottom bunk, some back cushions and bed pockets to both tiers to hide secret items, store toys, and sit comfortably.  You’ll have a comfortable, creative wonderland for your children to enjoy.

Are they versatile?

Toddler bunk beds are incredibly versatile; they don’t have to be used for just toddlers, but will grow with your child as the months and years pass, always providing the perfect solution for calm and undisturbed sleep.

To learn more about Flexa’s large selection of innovatively designed and expertly manufactured Scandinavian children’s furniture, including their toddler bunk beds, shop the Flexa range here.