Modern children’s beds

If you’re looking for modern children’s beds then you’re in the right place!


Flexa designs are minimal with clean lines, making them modern, stylish and practical for any children’s bedroom. If you have a specific theme for your kids bedroom Flex’s modern beds and bedroom furniture will surely fit in with your vision. Choose coloured, white or wood to fit in with your own style.


Not only do they look good but they are adaptable and will grow with your child. So if your family grows, a single bed can be made into bunk beds, rails can be added and taken away. Bed height can be changed to accommodate a desk or sofa, however your family changes, Flexa modern children’s beds can change with you!


A good nights sleep is crucial to your child’s development. They will be more alert at school and sleeping well will impact their overall health and well-being. A comfortable bed is the first step in making sure your child sleeps well. Flexa mattresses are designed to ensure the best nights sleep possible. You can pick from memory foam, reflex foam or laytech foam, whichever will be the most comfortable for your child.


For an ultra stylish children’s bedroom, Flexa offers matching furniture that complements all colour schemes. Modern and practical design to spark your child’s imagination. Perfect for a tea party or arts and crafts! Extra furniture will allow your child to play in their room and of course, it can be moved from room to room if necessary.

Modern Children’s Beds

So if you’re looking to buy a new bed for your child, or you’re looking for design inspiration, visit the online Flexa shop.