Kids Bed

Four Ways to Make Your Kids Bed More Exciting

For some children, the words ‘bed time!’ are the cue to start moaning and reluctantly dragging their feet, making life difficult for you and less than fun for them.

Flexa are dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions for children’s living and sleeping spaces, and understand that a kids bed is key to them seeing bedtime as positive, and getting enough quality sleep: crucial for development and quality of life.

They’re here to give you four key ways of making your kids bed more interesting, to make bedtime positive and the thought of sleeping fun, instead of boring.

1. Funky fabrics

Sometimes all it takes to make a kids bed more enticing is for them to choose an exciting new set of sheets that fits in with their current interests. Try sheets with characters from their favourite TV shows, or inspiring and fun patterns and shapes that can start a conversation or a game.

2. Add functionality

Flexa offer a range of accessories for a kids bed that make them a fun place to be. Take their handy bed pockets, for example, which can transform the bed from something mundane to the site of their hidden cache of special objects; or the back cushions which attach to the railing of the bed to make sitting up fun and comfortable.

3. A change of structure

You go for a complete overhaul with a fun high, mid-height, or cabin bed, even adding a slide for the extreme in interactive fun – take a look at Flexa’s website for ideas.

4. Think themes

Tying in your kid’s bed with an overall theme for the room can make their bedroom a magical place which transports them away from everyday life and makes it a space they angle for, rather than avoid. Getting them involved in the process of choice and redecoration can work wonders, too.

For more great ideas and products to make your kids bed a bedtime magnet, visit the Flexa Children’s Beds website today for a massive choice of high quality children’s furniture backed up by years of experience and careful design.