Flexa Single Bed

How to Choose a Flexa Single Bed for Your Child

The bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you can purchase for your child. In fact, they’ll spend over a third of their time lying in it, plus much more playing on it and generally being around it.

So it’s worth investing in a durable, functional, and ergonomically safe model that will make your child’s sleep a positive experience.

Flexa was founded in Denmark in 1972, and specialises in the design, manufacture, and sales of Scandinavian interior solutions for kids. The Flexa single bed represents the very best in quality and durability, and Flexa are here to run through the factors you should consider when buying a single bed for your child.


The design of the bed is an important element of its practicality. Has it been created with children in mind, combining simplicity and style to produce a piece that’s both functional and attractive, and that can grow to adapt to the needs of your child? The Flexa single bed design has; check out their range for more information.


The materials from which the bed is made is a crucial factor when you’re choosing a bed. The Flexa single bed, for example, is made from either MDF, pine, or solid beech, offering a range of levels of durability, weight, and cost.


Although it can be tempting to capitalise on what seems like a good value option, when it comes to furniture, especially for the high wear and tear of children’s activities, it’s best to go for quality over a low price.

For a wide range of children’s furniture, including the practical and stylish Flexa single bed, visit their website today.