Flexa Single Bed With Drawers

Five Tips for Keeping Kids’ Rooms Tidy

Once you have children in your life, it will feel like mess multiplies; however much you promise yourself that your place won’t look like a bomb has hit, you’ll sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle.

Flexa, expert designers, manufacturers, and distributors of high quality, modern children’s furniture, understand that parents need all the help they can get to keep kids’ bedrooms tidy, which is why they offer the modern Flexa single bed with drawers to provide easy and convenient storage that saves space and helps keep the floor clear.

Here are Flexa’s six tips for keeping kids’ rooms tidy – and there’s a theme; it’s not all down to you!

1. Make it a challenge
If you’ve got more than one child, why not pit them against each other and make a game out of tidying, seeing who can get the most items into their Flexa single bed with drawers before the time’s up.

2. Make it part of the routine
Children thrive on routine and, in the long term, will start taking it for granted that tidying is their job if it has a set place in the timetable, every day at a similar time.

3. Make it unequivocal
Don’t give in to crying or arguing about how it isn’t fair – it is fair, especially if you have easy-to-use storage facilities like the Flexa single bed with drawers, which are easily reachable by even the smallest kids.

4. Make it fun
Put some music on, sort the toys into colours or categories, sing a song, or play a counting game.

5. Make it rewarding
Make sure you praise your kids and make them realise they’ve done something positive. Following tidying with something positive never hurts, either.

Flexa Single Bed With Drawers

To learn more about the Flexa single bed with drawers, visit the online shop today to view the range of kids beds for sale. Each and every piece of Flexa children’s furniture, including the Flexa single bed with drawers, has been individually developed to meet the needs of children and their families with ease, before being manufactured to the highest specifications.