Flexa Quality Children’s beds UK

Flexa Quality Children’s beds UK

If you’re looking for quality children’s beds UK we can help you to choose the right bed for your needs. Flexa are experts in producing brilliant quality children’s beds that are built to last. They are stylish and durable and will fit into any size of bedroom. Feed your children’s imagination with themed accessories to create the perfect play space, or maximise storage space with under bed storage.  So there are many options when it comes to quality children’s beds UK, here we look at what Flexa have to offer:

Single Beds

Flexa quality single beds are great for your child’s first bed and can be adapted and added to when needed. The single bed with pull out bed stored underneath is perfect for when your child has sleepovers. You also have the option of adding storage draws to the single pull out bed – a great place to store extra bedding. Click here to view the range of single beds online.

Mid High Beds

Flexa mid high beds come in either single or double. There are so many options when it comes to choosing a mid high bed! this classic bed comes with ladders, a slide or even both! The mid high bed is great because there is room to make a den underneath. Flexa kids beds are constructed to the highest standards and are designed to last for an entire childhood. View the range of mid-high beds here.

Semi High Beds

Semi high quality children’s beds UK are great for sharing bedrooms. The offset bunk bed provides each child with their own spare whilst being close to their bother or sister. Like the mid high beds, they can be transformed into a den and are designed to last an entire childhood. View the range of Flexa semi high beds online.

Bunk beds

Flexa bunk beds are made from high-quality materials designed to be versatile and hard wearing. You can choose from the classic bunk with slanting or straight ladder, double bed on the bottom, offset bunk bed or with white finish. Click here to view the range of bunk beds online.

High beds

High beds are perfect when space is limited in your children’s bedroom. They are adaptable and come with many options. If your child needs somewhere to draw or study, a desk can be added. Or an additional bed can be installed if another child comes along or your child likes to have their friends over a lot. Perhaps a seating area is required underneath? Whatever your needs, Flexa beds are adaptable, fun and built to last. View the range of high beds online.

Of course, if your needs change at any time Flexa quality children’s beds can be added to and altered, check our the range of bed parts that can be added to your bed.

Fore more information about Flex furniture, request a brochure online.