Flexa Mid High Bed

Flexa Mid-High Bed Options, and Which Will Suit Your Child

The Flexa mid-high bed offers the ultimate compromise between safety, aesthetic effect, and practicality. With enough room for storage underneath and the added fun feature of using a ladder to get into bed (and a slide to get out!), the mid-high bed is great for younger children or those who find a full height high bed intimidating.

Straight ladder

The Flexa mid-high bed with a straight ladder is the ultimate in space saving design. The upright ladder takes up the minimum of space, but is still safe for younger children due to the relatively low height of the bed.

Slanting ladder

The slanting ladder is great if you’ve got a bit more space, or if your child is slightly nervous or unstable about using the ladder, especially coming down, which some children can find daunting.

Straight slide

The slide feature is a truly magical addition to your Flexa mid-high bed, and one that means you’ll never have trouble getting your child up in the morning. In fact, they must just want to play on it all the time! With a generous lip on the sides for safety, the low height of the bed means that your child won’t be at risk of injury.

Angled slide

The angled slide is perfect if you’re lacking space, allowing the end of the slide to finish closer to the main body of the bed. It also features a handy and fun platform at the top, making the experience that bit more interesting and easy for your child.

Solid or frame

Flexa high beds come in a variety of options, with two main styles; one is a sturdy and minimalist frame that encapsulates the stylish practicality at the heart of Scandinavian design, and the other features a solid safety rail around the bed, available in pretty pastel colours, for a more separate experience for the child.


The Flexa mid-high bed comes in a variety of finishes and colours, meaning there’s something to fit the styling of every interior design theme you may have in mind.

For a wide range of durable, high quality children’s furniture, including the utilitarian but attractive Flexa mid-high bed, take a look at the Flexa Children’s Beds website.