Flexa Furniture

Essential Children’s Flexa Furniture to Set up Your Child’s Bedroom

Not sure where to start with the kids’ room?

Flexa, designers and manufacturers of innovatively engineered Flexa furniture, run us through the essential elements of a child’s bedroom.


The bed is possibly the most important piece of bedroom furniture, and, like Flexa furniture, should be durable, well-designed, versatile, and appropriate for the space, as well as a source of fun for the child. Ensure you have a quality mattress too.


However much storage you have, it never seems to be enough when you’re confronted with the growing quantity of toys and other seemingly essential items that accumulate over the years of having a child.

Flexa furniture offers many innovative solutions to the problem of insufficient storage, including dual purpose storage benches, innovative cupboards, wardrobes, and bookcases, and their Cabbie and Shelfie ranges which provide space saving, modular storage solutions.


Once a child reaches the age where they begin to be interested in reading, writing, or even colouring, a desk is a great way to give them their own creative space. Flexa furniture offers inventive space saving solutions for desks, like options to secure a small desk to the frame of their cabin beds.


Textiles are a great way to add colour and comfort to a child’s room, as well as bringing the space alive with themed fun. Flexa furniture offer a wide range of themes suitable for both girls and boys, all incorporated in quality textile products like bed curtains to create an exciting ‘den’, back cushions for sitting up in bed, or bed pockets so they can keep their prized possessions near them while they sleep.


Mirrors, blackboards, shelves, and book displays are some of Flexa furniture’s many ways to accessorise a child’s bedroom, adding a personal touch and that final bit of Scandinavian functionality.

To see Flexa’s full range of premium quality Scandinavian furniture solutions, for a contented child and a practical bedroom set up at a great price, visit Flexa Children’s Beds today.