Flexa Bunk Beds

Flexa Bunk Beds: the Pros and Cons

Flexa Bunk beds are a classic sleeping solution that has a myriad of benefits when it comes to more than one child occupying the same room.
Flexa are expert designers, manufacturers, and designers of superior quality children’s furniture, and Flexa bunk beds offer some of the most innovative, value for money, practical, durable, and stylish models on the market.

Here are a run through of the pros and cons of bunk beds for your home.

1. Space saving
Our bunk beds are intentionally designed to give your children the best night’s sleep while saving as much space as possible.

2. Fun
Climbing up to the top bunk is great fun. With bunk beds, you can choose from a wide range of other interactive accessories that make bedtime exciting, like themed play curtains or hanging bed pockets

3. Friendly
Having children in the same room but not in view or touching distance is a great way for them to feel comforted by the other’s presence.

4. Sleep quality
Having separate beds for your children, however young they are, is crucial for them getting a good night’s sleep. The Flexa team understand the importance of quality sleep for development and health, so Flexa bunk beds are designed to deliver comfort and practicality.

5. Style
Having a smaller room cluttered with furniture is impractical. Create a feeling of space with Flexa bunk beds, leaving floor space free.

1. Traditional bunk beds can lack versatility
If you’re looking for a sleeping arrangement that’s versatile enough to sleep visiting guests who are in couples, traditional single bunk beds might not be the best choice. Modern Flexa bunk beds have the solution, with their bunk bed combination that features a double bed on the bottom tier and a single on top.

To learn more about Flexa bunk beds and the rest of their great range of high quality children’s furniture, visit Flexa Children’s Beds website today for more information.