Flexa Beds

At Flexa Beds, we recognise that a childs requirements change as they grow older and that parents requirements change as the number of children grows.

So buying one of our Flexa beds when they are ready to come out of a cot is just the first step. You don’t start again, you develop that initial bed.

Perhaps your child wants a play den underneath the bed. This is easily achieved by adding a ladder & leg kit and some play curtains to make a mid-high or semi-high sleeper.

Or you could add a second bed and bunk bed kit to create space for your second child or for sleepovers.

Our beds are not the cheapest on the market but then you are buying a quality product that will last through adaptation for a whole childhood.

As they grow and homework looms it is time to provide them with their own study space in their room. This can be achieved by changing the bed to a high sleeper and adding a corner desk and office chair underneath.

Or your child might want their own space. The bed can have the safety rails removed back down at ground level to create a place to relax with friends.

The Four Qualities of Superior Flexa Beds

Your child’s bed, and all their bedroom furniture, will play a big part in their ability to grow, develop, enjoy play time, and sleep soundly and safely.
Flexa beds are a range of sleeping, storage and play solutions that encompass a range of values that elevate them above their competition. They’re here to share what makes Flexa beds special.

1. Child-centred design

Flexa beds are always designed with children in mind; what fits their bodies ergonomically, what will satisfy them psychologically, and what provides them with the stability and framework to allow for natural, formative development during the most important years of their growth.

2. Quality materials

Flexa beds are created from only the best materials. They believe that wood is an important natural resource that should be respected, and all of their wood is certified by PEFC and meets international standards for sustainable forest management. It’s sourced from colder climates where wood grows more slowly, leading to a denser material that is more durable and long lasting than any other varieties.

All of the Flexa beds textiles are certified safe and carry the OEKO-tex mark, and all finishes are safe for children to put in their mouths and even chew.

3. Superior manufacturing

Flexa beds are made in Europe by a team of 200 employees who have all undergone rigorous training and are all committed to upholding the Flexa promise of quality. Their textiles are produced in Asia and meet stringent specifications before being shipped to their stores across the globe.

4. Continuing innovation

Flexa beds are the result of a constant dedication to meet the changing needs of children everywhere. Their team of designers and product developers are always working on the next project to make children’s and parents’ lives easier, more productive, more fulfilling and generally happier.

To take a look at the Flexa beds collection, as well as their textiles and other innovative furniture solutions for creating a safe and productive environment for your child, view our range of Flexa Furniture please check out the shop