Childrens Beds

Choosing Childrens Beds: Some Factors to Consider

Children’s beds are probably the most important element when it comes to selecting furniture for your cherished little one’s bedroom. The bed is the place where your child should feel secure, comfortable, and at ease, able to get the sleep they need to face life’s challenges and to grow and develop healthily.

Flexa are creators of Scandinavian interiors, including children’s beds, which are supplied to their stores across the globe. They’re here to provide advice born of experience on some of the factors to consider when choosing children’s beds.


If you’re limited by the amount of space in your child’s room, there are plenty of options to help you cut down on the amount of floor area you take up with the bed. Flexa manufacture children’s beds that are specifically designed to save space. Classic bunk beds come in mid-high, cabin, and high beds, for example, all of which will give you more free room for the rest of the furniture, and open floor for play.


Play beds are a great addition to a fun children’s bedroom, you can even add a slide! Add curtains, bean bags and a cave to make an exciting play den!


The age of your child or children should play a part in your children’s beds selection. For example, if you’ve got an older baby that’s fast becoming a toddler, the Flexa cot bed that grows with the developing needs of your child would be a great option. For an older child, a high bed with under-bed desk and sofa will create a fun and versatile space for them to enjoy.


The number of children you’re sleeping in a given space will dictate your choice of children’s beds, too. If you’re sleeping two or more children in a smaller room, bunk beds are a great choice. If you often have visitors that sleep in with your child, a high bed with convertible sofa or a bunk bed combination with a double bed on the bottom tier are both versatile options that Flexa offers.

To take a look at Flexa’s innovatively designed and impeccably manufactured children’s beds to suit any child and any family, visit their website today.