Cabin Bed With Slide

Six Creative Ideas for Making your Child’s Room Different and Interesting

If you want your child to be willing and eager to spend time in their bedroom, exploring their imagination and having fun, use one of these six great ideas from Flexa to add some spice. A cabin bed with slide is a fantastic and fun way to make your child’s room interesting without breaking the bank.

1. A swing

Make sure you have the structural work in place and approved by an appropriate professional before going ahead with this, but a swing is a great way to add interest and interactivity to many themed bedrooms.

2. A cabin bed with slide

A cabin bed with slide is a great way to make your child’s room interesting without breaking the bank or making structural alterations. Flexa offer a couple of options of a cabin bed with slide, transforming the room from dull to delightful with just the purchase of one piece of furniture.

3. A basketball hoop

Probably only suitable for ground floor bedrooms, this is a great idea for sports-oriented kids.

4. A mezzanine

Use a second layer to add a lookout post, hidden space, or sleeping area for your child that makes their room exciting and interactive. If you don’t want to make structural alterations or build anything, a cabin bed with slide gives you all of the same features.

5. A blackboard wall

Paint one wall or area of your child’s room with magnetic blackboard paint, provide magnets and chalk, and let them enjoy.

6. 3D storage

If you’re feeling really adventurous you could pair something like a cabin bed with slide, with princes themed play curtains, and then actually build an MDF structure to encase the wardrobe and give the effect that there’s a fairy-tale castle in your child’s room. Not for the faint of heart!

To explore Flexa’s full range of innovative interior design solutions for children’s bedrooms, including their options for a cabin bed with slide, visit their website today.