Flexa Cabin Bed

How to Make Your Child’s Room Engaging and Fun

Is your child bored of their bedroom?
Flexa, expert designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of high quality and innovative Scandinavian furniture, are here to help, with a fun and attractive Cabin Bed.

Choose good quality furniture

This might seem a mundane point to be starting with, but having durable, hardy furniture that can stand up to the wear and tear of your child or children actually playing on their cabin bed and in their room is an important first step. If you go for poor quality options, you’ll find that they’ll break as soon as the game gets too boisterous, putting the kids off from getting on with playing as well as causing safety risks.

Involve them in decorating

When you’re planning to give your child’s room a facelift, why not include them in both the planning and decorating process? It can give them a real sense of achievement and hands-on involvement if they can have some say about what the theme will be, and then actually help with painting and assembling furniture. You could even feature some of their artwork on the walls, which they’ll be very proud of.

Make it interactive

A showroom bedroom is no use to a growing child. They need a room they can get involved with, that they can be connected to. Try painting a wall or an area with magnetic blackboard paint, include a desk so they can get creative, create a chill out area (like a sofa under a cabin bed) that they can relax on, or pop in a Flexa play cave so they can let their imagination run free.

Include a cabin bed

A cabin bed is a great way to make your child’s room fun while saving space, and money too. Flexa offer a cabin bed with a slide, a cabin bed with under-bed desk and sofa, and many other options that are truly engaging and interesting.

To learn more about how Flexa can transform your child’s room from a dull space to a fun, durable, high quality, and engaging space that they’ll love to spend time in, take a look at their full selection of children’s furniture, including their cabin bed range, on their website today.