Bunk Bed

Five Themed Decoration Ideas for Your Children’s Bedroom and Bunk Bed

If you’re looking to transform your child’s room from boring to beautiful and inspiring, but are lacking decorative inspiration, Flexa are here to provide some great ideas.
Creators of the classic bunk bed, which provides the perfect base for any theme, Flexa know children and understand what makes them tick; here are five of the themes that feature in their collection of bed linen, bean bags, back cushions, bed pockets, caves, bunk bed play curtains, and storage boxes.

1. Circus

Enjoy fun pastel colours and a real sense of festival atmosphere with a circus theme. Why not install a safe swing if you’re feeling really adventurous and want to get into the spirit of circus acrobatics, or have a stage area so your child can put on shows for you to enjoy.

2. Knight

The perfect theme for a pair of boys or girls that are interested in jousting, chivalry, or getting physical, get into the spirit of knighthood with jolly caparisoned play curtains hanging from the bed curtain, and a couple of hobby horses and plastic suits of armour for jousting matches.

3. Jungle

A great theme if you’ve got a boy/girl combination who don’t necessarily have the same interests, and perfect for animal lovers, the jungle can be the source of many imaginative games.

4. Pirate

Embrace the spirit of adventure on the high seas with a pirate theme. Transform the bunk bed into a mighty ship with hanging play curtains and themed bed pockets, add a blue carpet dotted with shark teddies and boat toys for an added sense of challenge, and while away many a happy rainy afternoon in the world of make-believe.

5. Princess

For the classic girl (or curious boy!) a princess theme is a dream come true. Make the room pretty in pink, create a fairy-tale castle from the bunk bed and stock up with plenty of dress up outfits to make the bedroom a haven of beauty and fun.

To learn more about how Flexa’s bunk bed range and fun and exciting bunk bed accessories can create a special space for your children that ignites their imagination and provides them with hours of engaging fun, visit their website today.