A bed with slide is a great children’s play activity, making bedtime fun.

Flexa’s adaptable children’s furniture grows with your child. You can make it taller, shorter, add a bunk underneath, add curtains to make a den, and so many more options to make your kids bedroom a fun space for them to play and dream.

Flexa bed with slide

The slide bed is cool and fun, slide out of bed in style ready to start the day smiling. The cabin bed with slide offers a safe sleeping space too and the underneath can be used for storage, so its space saving. Or you can add curtains underneath to make a den for your child to play in. The cabin bed with slide really fuels children’s imaginations, allowing them to stay curious.

All Flexa beds are tested to the most stringent safety standards to ensure quality and durability. So you can relax knowing that your child will be safe and sound asleep in their new bed with slide.

If your child struggles to get out of bed in the morning, the slide is a perfect way of encouraging sleepy heads to want to get out of bed!