About Flexa Childrens Beds

Flexa brings a number of key principals to children’s bedroom furniture

Quality and Durability

Flexa believes in producing quality beds and furniture designed to last an entire childhood.


We recognise that children’s requirements change as they grow older and that parents requirements change as the number of children increases. So buying a single bed when they are ready to come out of a cot is just the first step. With Flexa, you don’t start again, instead, the initial bed is developed. Perhaps they want a play den underneath the bed. This is easily achieved by adding a ladder & leg kit and some play curtains to make a mid-high or semi-high sleeper.
Or you could add a second bed and bunk bed kit to create space for your second child or for sleepovers.
Invest in Flexa’s quality products that will last through adaptation for a whole childhood.

Play and Imagination

Allowing your child’s imagination to develop is very important. Creating them the perfect play space with a Jungle theme or perhaps Princesses castle encourages this.

Study and Their Own Space

As they grow and homework looms it is time to provide them with their own study space in their room. This can be achieved by changing the bed to a high sleeper and adding a corner desk and office chair underneath.
Or your child might want their own space. The bed can have the safety rails removed back down at ground level to create a place to relax with friends.


Create the right environment for all ages of childhood with Flexa accessories. From the Robots to Butterfly and Blue themes, there is something to suit all ages and preferences. For extra storage, Flexa offers single bed drawers.