The Secure Online Data Rooms become more and more used today. They work with broad-ranging industries and may be named an all-in-one tool. When you are eager to increase the efficiency of your work, then you have to think of having a deal with it. Having such a manifold, you cannot comprehend which options are significant and which are not. So, we came to a decision to be an aid for you and name the most common services and their peculiar properties.

Ethos Data

This provider is very experienced and it started its work in 2001. Its clientage includes such companies as BBC, Dolby Digital, and T-Mobile. It is SSAE 16 certified. click for more info The cut price and free trial offer the chance to enjoy the virtual repository to the full. Using it, you may constrain the admittance of some users to some confidential files and check their activity. It owns the Questions and Answers module for you to negotiate with your depositors. Apart from watermarking and encryption, your deeds will be protected owing to the antivirus software.

Intralinks Dealspace

This service works since 1991 and cooperates with many clients, such as MetroNational, Exelon, and Hanergy America. Taking into consideration the fact that it is a quite old data room, it possesses many subsidiaries in different countries. Besides, it supports 8 languages. The minimum price is 99$/30 days, so every establishment is able to afford it. You get the wonderful possibility to sample it during 14 days free of cost. Their certifications are ISO 27001, SOC 2, and SSAE 16. This peculiarity guarantees that the degree of security is perfect. Having any questions, you have the opportunity to get in touch with their all-day customer support.

Brainloop Secure Dataroom

Disposing of 6 offices in different parts of the world, it is one of the most used virtual services nowadays. It presents you a cost less trial for your convenience and around-the-clock technical assistance to resolve any hindrances. In the case when you do not have the personal computer with you can utilize it with your cellular phone, but if you do not have the Internet connection, you can use the DVD or USB Drive. Brainloop works with such companies as Helvetia, High-Tech Grunderfonds, IkbData. Using it, you can carry on negotiations with your buyers and mail them private information. Taking up the security it has to be said that it has the ISO 27001 certification.


Ansarada was created in 2005. It affirms that it was designed especially for mergers&acquisitions, so if it is your goal, set eyes on it. Its disadvantage is that it does not present you a free trial, but it is secure for your materials and is ISO 27001 certified. The following platform supports all the file formats. If you wish, your data can be also kept on the DVD or USB Drive. Of course, it possesses the 24/7 customer support.

Citrix ShareFile

The following digital repository looks really overpriced on the grounds that you have to pay 295$/ per 30 days, but the special thing about it is that paying this amount of money you are not confined to the traits. It means that it includes all the options. Consequently, once in a while, it is even at a cheaper price than other virtual services. Citrix works with 11 numerous languages and ten file formats. By such manners, your business sponsors will feel comfortable. It has the ideal security, possessing ISO 27001, SOC 2, and SSAE 16 certifications. If you have a desire, your papers can be kept on the DVD or USB Drive, or you may use it with your laptop, cellular phone or mobile applications. The worldwide renowned companies which cooperate with it are A1 Networks, AAPT, Aarburg School etc.

Box Virtual Data Room

This provider is unique as you pay here for users. To study its basics you have the possibility to get some lessons, but it is easy-to-handle, so people, most often abdicate it. The flexibility is one more nicety of this company, so you may deal with it with your computer, mobile device, and mobility apps. The pleasing thing about it is that despite the fact that it disposes of only 1 representative, it has a deal with 17 languages. Hence, you have the never-ending possibilities for the co-working with bidders from any countries. They have a deal with such firms as The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer, Avago, Legendary Pict etceteras.

All things considered, it should be said that you have to bend every effort to take the right pick due to the fact that the Electronic Repository should make your M&A more productive and serve as a very good aid for you.

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