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We have just taken delivery of a Flexa mid-height off-set bunk combination in whitewash finish and are delighted with it, for our four year old. The delivery time of 6 weeks was met and it was delivered at my convenience. The team provided good after sales service with a personal touch.

--- Nicola

With a baby on the way and a rapidly growing 3 year old, we thought it was about time that our daughter took the leap from cot bed to ‘big girl’ bed and started looking around at what was available and with the invaluable help of the sales staff decided that the mid high sleeper was the perfect one....

--- Kelly Davison-Lacey


Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about FLEXA furniture here:



What kind of wood is used for a FLEXA Bed?
FLEXA’s beds and furniture in general are made of pinewood from North European forests north of the 60th parallel. Here, the trees grow slowly on account of the cold. This gives the wood a strong fibre structure and greater mass than other types of pine.
It is possible to make a mid-height bed into a highsleeper?
Yes. It is possible to change any Flexa bed combination into any other. All necessary parts are available on this website or you can use the contact information to talk to us directly to ensure you purchase the right pieces.

I have a low bed and wish to make a mid-height bed, can this be done?
Yes. It is possible to change any Flexa bed combination into any other. All necessary parts are available on this website or you can use the contact information to talk to us directly to ensure you purchase the right pieces.

Do you have beds with mattresses in different sizes?
Both the mattress size and the legislation are very different depending on which country you are living in. In the UK we sell standard British sized beds and mattresses. The single mattresses measure 190cms x 90cms and the doubles measure 190cms x 140cms

What is a suitable age for a mid height bed for my child?
According to legislation your child has to be 4 years old to use a mid height bed.

Why is there a handle attached to a slanting ladder – can I use the slanting ladder without handle?
For your child’s safety and according to legislation you have to use a handle when you use a slanting ladder. It is dangerous if it is possible for your child to lift the ladder from the floor and the handle makes sure that the ladder can not be moved.

What is more appropriate for a bunk beds: a straight or a slanting ladder?
It depends on the situation. A slanting ladder needs more space than a straight ladder. And for some children it is easier to climb on a slanting ladder.

Will I be able to place the ladder on both left and the right side of the bed?
Yes, the flexible system allows you to choose what is most appropriate for you.

Do I need to place a safety rail at the backside of my bed?
No for the bed you do not need to place a safety rail on the backside, if the distance from the floor to the bed is only 80 cm. Current legislation is that the bunk bed must be fitted with full safety-rails and a ladder or platform for the upper bunk bed.

How much space do I need to place a FLEXA bed?
The bed has the dimension 100cms wide x 67cm high x 200cm long. You can see all the measurements in our price list or visit our online Shop.

How long does the slide extend into the bedroom?

If you put a slide on the bed you will need 250cm in width. A slide on a platform needs 205cm in width. Please see our price list or visit our online shop for the exact information you need.

What is the maximum bodyweight for a FLEXA bed?
Our beds are tested to 100kg.

How should I care for my FLEXA furniture?
We suggest that you clean your furniture with a damp cloth. Use a sponge with soap to remove obstinate dirt. Avoid solvents and solutions. Screws and bolts should be retightened from time to time.

In which colours are FLEXA beds available?

FLEXA beds are available in clear and white varnished finishes. Most of our drawers and cupboards are available with clear, white, solid white, dark blue and lilac fronts.

Can I buy a FLEXA bed in natural wood without lacquer, as I want to paint the bed by myself?
No. FLEXA focus clearly on high, uniform product quality. Our furniture is treated with a UV varnish that is very hard-wearing and makes the furniture elegant, robust and timeless. It is not our concept to produce and sell furniture without lacquer.

Where is the FLEXA furniture fabricated?
In woods in Estonia and Russia, we cut down the trees and send them to our own sawmills for cutting, drying, planing and rounding. The furniture components are sent to our LACK&PACK units Estonia. Here, they are lacquered and packed as finished products, which you can then collect at our stores and from our dealers.


I have heard that high density foam is better than a lower density foam is that true?
That depends on the weight of the person who is going to use the mattress. In general the higher the weight the higher the density. As children weigh less than adults they will need lower density foam to get the right comfort and support

Can there be differences between two foams of the same density?

Yes there can. The properties of the foam can be changed by adding e.g. softeners which will give a softer mattress.

The density tells you exactly which mattress will be good for you. Right?
No it does not. Density is a measurement used by manufactures. Consumers in general do not know what a specific density means for their comfort. The only way to figure it out is try out different mattresses
Here we prefer a firmer mattress.
As it is individual how much support you want and what comfort you like in your mattress it is impossible to generalize like that.
When I tried out my child’s mattress I found out it was way to soft
Adults cannot judge whether a mattress is suitable for a child as they weigh far more than their children. E.g. a father who weighs between 5 or 6 times more than his 5 year old daughter cannot judge how a mattress feels to his daughter by sitting or laying on it

Is an expensive mattress better than a cheaper?
When it comes to FLEXA mattresses the answer is: “yes”. In the more expensive mattresses we have been able to use more expensive material such as latex, pocket springs, and Celsius foam. These materials have very desirable properties that influences the support and the comfort positively. But remember at the end of the day it comes down to how the mattress feels on the body.

A 5 year warranty does that mean that the mattress is worn out after 5 years?

The warranty covers material and production mistakes it is not and indicator of how long the mattress will last. When the mattress does not feel comfortable and supportive anymore it should be changed even if it is not worn out yet.
Mattresses should never be passed on to somebody else. It may not be the mattress that the other person needs. And of course there is a risk that the mattress is actually worn out due to use.

Do I have to use a FLEXA mattress for my new FLEXA bed or do mattresses from other companies also fit?
No, you can also use a mattress from other companies. It is very important that the mattress you choose fits your bed very well. The size both length and width is important but also the height is very important especially when you use the mattress in a high bed. If the mattress gets too close to the top of the safety rail there will be a risk that your child during sleep can fall out the bed.
You do also have to be aware, that you use a mattress which is made for children. Many mattresses are developed to be used by adults which means that a small child’s body with a low weight will not get the optimal body support.
However, with a FLEXA mattress you are certain that it is optimized for the bed and for your child.

What is the best mattress for my child?
That depends on your child. It has a lot to do with the weight of your child. The lower the weight the softer the mattress. Please be aware that you cannot try the comfort in the mattress for your child. You weight is much higher than your child and therefore the mattress will not feel the same on your body.
To get the best information, please ask your dealer.


Can I wash a FLEXA curtain at 40 degrees Celsius?
Yes, it is possible to wash the curtain at 40º
Can I wash a mattress cover?
Yes, you can wash the mattress cover at 40º

Which textile products can I wash and at what temperature?
You can wash most of the textile products. There are a few which will not be recommended to wash because of the filling. Please read and follow the wash label very carefully.


I want to make some changes in my order? Is it possible and how?
Whether it is possible or not, you have to clarify with the store where you have ordered the furniture.

What is the delivery time for FLEXA products?
We aim at delivering within 6 to 8 weeks from that time you ordered your FLEXA furniture at the store. But some of our dealers do have stock of the most common items and will be able to deliver immediately.

Do I have to assemble my FLEXA products or are they delivered fully assembled?
The products are delivered in parts, but are very easy to assemble. All furniture comes flat packed and is easy to assemble; an easy to read instruction manual comes with every product + basic allen key, glue and fittings. You need no specialist tools. Some of our dealers also provide assembly service. Please check with your local dealer.

Where can I buy FLEXA products?
You can buy online or use our dealer locator here on our website to check out, where to buy our products.

Where can I order spare parts for FLEXA products?
You can buy online or use our dealer locator here on our website to check out, where to buy our products.


How long is my guarantee on a FLEXA bed?
We provide a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. However, the guarantee does not cover natural differences in colour between the products, nor damage to the painted finish caused by knocks or wear and tear.

For how long will I be able to order FLEXA spare parts?

We provide a 5-year availability guarantee. This means that when you purchase FLEXA, you buy a flexible system that can be remodelled and extended as and when the need arises. FLEXA’s availability guarantee means that you can purchase new system components for your bed for at least five years after you have purchased the first unit (see the Bed range in the current price list or in our online shop.

Assembly instructions
I have lost the instructions to build our FLEXA bed, how can I obtain a new one?
Here on our website under the menu System you can download all our instructions.


How safe is a FLEXA bed for my child?
FLEXA furniture is made for children and thought out down to the smallest detail. There are no sharp corners or edges. All beds with a sleeping height of more than 80cm are safety tested and approved by international test institutes.

What kind of lacquer is used on a FLEXA bed?
All our furniture is treated with a UV varnish that contains no formaldehyde or toxic colourants.

Do FLEXA products have the FSC certification?
No the FLEXA furniture does not have an FSC certification. FLEXA have however always focused on the environment and the wellbeing of the inhabitants of the forest.

Is FLEXA textile clear off toxic materials?
All FLEXA textiles are tested according to the Öeko-Tex standard which means that it is tested for harmful substances.

Are the Mattresses safe in regards to allergy?
As with the textiles, the mattresses are tested according to the Öeko-Tex standard which means that it is tested for harmful substances. FLEXA’s textiles are made of 100% natural materials that are non-allergenic.  The most allergy-friendly mattress in our product range is the latex mattress.

Are the FLEXA products tested?
All beds with a sleeping height of more than 80cm are safety tested and approved by international test institutes. FLEXA's textiles are made of 100 % natural materials that are all allergy-neutral. All textiles and mattresses are Öeko-Tex labelled, which is your guarantee that the products are free of chemicals and other harmful substances.


How can I get a FLEXA catalogue and a pricelist?

By visiting a FLEXA Shop or a FLEXA Shop-in-Shop you can get a catalogue and a price list for free. You can also download the catalogue and price list here on our homepage. Or visit our online shop.


What is FLEXA 3D?
FLEXA 3D is an interior design program where you can decorate your child’s room with all the wide range of furniture from FLEXA. Once you have designed the room you can print the item list and bring this to your local FLEXA Shop or dealer.

I have downloaded FLEXA 3D, but it doesn't work?
Do you have a MAC computer? FLEXA 3D does not work on MAC computers. Please notice the following recommended hard- and software specifications:
• Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98
• Pentium III 500 MHz processor
• 128 MB Ram
• 16 MB VRAM
• XGA Screen resolution (1024 x 768 / 32 bit colours)
If the above mentioned guidelines do not help you, you are welcome to call FLEXA  +45 76688055  or send an email.

I would like to draw my room in FLEXA 3D – how can I draw the sloping walls?
Make sure you are in the Room Design (1st button from left in the top bar). Click the arrow in the middle just over the doors in the bottom. Now click  the wall you want to change. In the menu to the right you click the X by “Round Wall”. Then it is possible to pull the wall to make it rounded.


I have a complaint, where will I be able to report this?

Through the FLEXA Shop or dealer where you bought the FLEXA product.

I am missing some assembly parts, how can I obtain them?

Through the FLEXA Shop or dealer where you bought the FLEXA product. They will be able to help you.

How can I repair small lacquer damage?
Through the FLEXA Shop or dealer you can ask for some repair lacquer.

I have a FLEXA bed where one of the slats is broken. Is it possible to order a new slat – and if yes where?
Through the FLEXA Shops or your local dealer it is possible to order slats. Or visit our online shop.

Our Mid-height bed is shaking a little bit. Is there something we can do about it?
Try to retighten the bed and ensure that all parts are angled and level. This means much for the stability and the functionality of the products. Loosen e.g. one of the bed end and retighten in the other end to get the bed in angle and level.

If this does not help, please contact your dealer.